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We are proud to bring you a radio station that caters to your musical taste. Whether you’re looking for yacht rock, classic rock, smooth rock, disco, 70's R&B, and more, we have you covered. Tune in and discover why 96, The Wave is the go-to station for your favorite tunes.


We're playing your favorite Yacht Rock, Smooth Rock, and Classic Rock on our new website on your Adult Rock Station 96, The Wave!

Yacht Rock 

Your Rock

96, the Wave

Please Help Us Grow, Improve, and Upgrade! Donate today! 

We are a women owned start up internet radio station with a vision of growing and upgrading our station. We need help to expand our music library, upgrade our software and hardware, and perfect our professional sound. Unfortunately, we have no operating budget other than donations. If you can help us, we would be grateful for any amount you can give. Your support will help us reach our full potential and make our radio station the best it can be. Please help us grow and upgrade by donating today. Every little bit helps. Can you help us? 

OUR MUSIC, Our Mission!

At 96, The Wave, we specialize in playing all the hits that you grew up with and still love today. We are dedicated to bringing you the best music from the 70s, 80s, and today, along with important weather updates and causes we care about. We are your home for everything that makes you smile and feel good. Tune in today to 96, The Wave for the best music you know and love.

Music,Weather and More


Welcome to 96, The Wave! We are the go-to radio station for your best blend of Yacht Rock, Classic Rock, Soft Rock RB and Disco. We partner with Crown Weather and Tropical Expert Rob Lightbown to keep you up to date on all the tropical weather information that you need to know during the 2023 Hurricane Season. We strive to provide our listeners with the best quality programming and to keep them informed about the latest news and music. Tune in for a great listening experience and stay informed


Please Help Us Grow, Improve and Thrive!!

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